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At Urban Pet Sitting, we love pets! See what others are saying about us.

“Urban Pet Sitting, thank you so much for all your attention to detail with our animals. We really appreciated all the notes Kim left for us on a daily basis. We felt like we knew what was going on back here at home.”
– Kevin S.


“Thank you for all your special attention with Fred. We know he was well cared for in our absence. He looked great and acted like he felt well when we returned. Fred is a special kitty that we know requires a lot of care. Thanks for the daily notes so that we could see how much IV fluid was administered during the week. You guys are all wonderful.”
–Blake P.


“Thank you so much for the phone call last Saturday night when our alarm went off during hurricane Ike. We knew every little detail in our client file was being addressed. We will definitely use Urban Pet Sitting again and refer all of our other pet loving friends. Thank you, thank you.”
– Anita M.


“I found myself in the hospital for almost two weeks and I had two cats left on their own. Urban Pet Sitting came to the rescue and provided the care both of my cats needed while I was laid up. I must say, that I did not worry about my cats. They were happy to see me upon my return, but I feel comfortable they never felt neglected. Urban Pet Sitting came to my rescue.”
– Gerald C.


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